The mission of the Genetics and Genomics research group at IBRC is to contribute to the enhancement of rice production in Iwate Prefecture of Japan through basic researches.

Latest News

2013. 7. 10Rym Fekih's work has been published in PLoS ONE. (MutMap+: Genetic Mapping and Mutant Identification without Crossing in Rice.)
2013. 6. 24Hiroki Takagi's work has been published in New Phytologist. (MutMap-Gap: whole-genome resequencing of mutant F2 progeny bulk combined with de novo assembly of gap regions identifies the rice blast resistance gene Pii.)
2013.5.22-24We transplanted rice seedlings
2013.4.25Seed sowing, and getting ready for the upcoming rice planting season in the paddy field
2013.3.27-28Members attended the 123rd meeting of the Japanese Society of Breeding held at Tokyo University of Agriculture, Japan 
2013.3.27-29 Members attended the annual meeting of the Phytopathological Society of Japan held in Gifu, Japan. 
2013. 3. 18Shailendra Sharma's work has been published in Plant Journal (A novel method to translocate fungal effector proteins into monocot cells) 
2013. 1. 25Hiroki Takagi's paper on QTLseq, a new whole genome sequencing (WGS)-based method for QTL mapping, has been published in Plant Journal
2012.9.18-28 Rice harvesting in collaboration with the rice breeding team at Iwate Agricultural Research Centre 
2012.9.16-19Members attended the 30th New Phytologist Symposium held in Berkeley, California, USA.
2012.8.20Hiroyuki Kanzaki's work has been published in Plant Journal (arms race co-evolution of M. oryzae  AVR-Pik and rice Pik genes)
2012.8.20 Jerwin Undan's work describing the cloning of a novel lesion mimic mutant of rice has been published in Gene and Genetic systems
012. 7.29-8.2 We participated in International congress of Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 2012
2012.5.22-24 We transplanted rice seedlings

Hiromasa Saitoh's article has now been published on the PLoS Pathogens site:

2012.4.29-30 We participated in Japanese Society of Breeding
2012.4.28-30 We participated in Phytopathological Society of Japan

We exploited novel method for gene identification in rice, and reported at Nature Biotechnology