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Magnaporthe oryzae research team

What are effectors?

Phytopathogens secrete effectors into apoplast or cytoplasm and perturb host function in the plant tissue to overcome plant immunity.

Rice blast, caused by an ascomycete fungus Magnaporthe oryzae, is the most severe disease of rice throughout the world.

We identified three novel avirulence genes, AVR-Pia, AVR-Pii, AVR-Pik/km/kp and a secreted pathogenicity protein gene, MC69 from M. oryzae.

We also isolated rice resistance gene Pia consisting of two adjacent NBS-LRR protein genes confers resistance to M. oryzae carrying the AVR-Pia.

We are trying to do functional analysis of the isolated effectors and pathogenicity proteins and search for the targets to investigate molecular plant-microbe interactions.