We released new pipelines of MutMap and QTL-seq.

The updated pipelines are approximately 5-8 times faster than the previous pipeline, are easier for novice users to use, and can be easily installed through bioconda with all dependencies.

Yu Sugihara, Lester Young, Hiroki Yaegashi, Satoshi Natsume, Daniel J. Shea, Hiroki Takagi, Helen Booker, Hideki Innan, Ryohei Terauchi, Akira Abe (2020). High performance pipeline for MutMap and QTL-seq. [Link]

QTL-Seq v2 Pipeline for highly heterozygous genome

  • 2019/07/26 (7950 Kb)

Itoh, N., Segawa, T., Tamiru, M. et al. Theor Appl Genet (2019).

You can download the previous pipelines and documents from here.

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Mutmap LOGO

MutMap Pipeline:

  • 2014/07/14 MutMap_framework1.4.4.tar.gz (586 KB)

MutMap Pipeline quick start guide:

  • 2014/07/14 MutMap_quick_start_guide_brief_1.4.4r0.0.pdf (782 KB)

MutMap Pipeline User Manual:

  • 2014/07/14 MutMap_protocol_1.4.4r0.0.pdf (2.2 MB)

QTL-Seq v1 Pipeline:

  • 2014/07/14 QTL-seq_framework1.4.4.tar.gz (594 Kb)

    • 2014/07/14 QTL-seq_quick_start_guide_brief_Rev0.0.pdf (1.2 Mb)

QTL-Seq Pipeline User Manual:

  • 2014/07/14 QTL-seq_protocol_v1.4.4.r0.0.pdf (3.0 Mb)

  • MutMap_Plus Pipeline: 2013/12/10 MutMapPlus_framework1.2.4.tar.gz (459 Kb)

  • MutMap_Plus Pipeline Documents: 2013/12/11 MutMapPlus_quick_start_guide_brief0.9.1.pdf (954 Kb)